When damaged production machinery needs options and answers, BAMCOR provides solutions.

Count on us to deliver the facts to help you to make an informed decision.

Our information is not a guess delivered from someone in a hypothetical world. Our details are calculated using BAMCOR’s decades of experience throughout all of the manufacturing industry, with all aspects of production machinery, and are developed in an actual quotation format for performing the work using BAMCOR’s own in-house personnel and team of suppliers.

This resultant information provides:

  1. Reparability assessment.
  2. Complete repair process including: scope, cost, delivery and warranty in quotation form.
  3. Rebuilds to pre-loss (or better) condition.
  4. Utilizes best practices to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications.
  5. Rebuilds completed by BAMCOR personnel and our carefully selected team of suppliers.
  6. Turnkey mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, fabrication and machining services.
  7. The work can be performed onsite, at our rebuild facility or some combination of both. In either case, whatever provides the insured with the best and most efficient repair is contemplated.

Count on us to deliver the facts to help you and your client to make an informed decision.