At BAMCOR we live to understand and serve our most valuable commodity, our clients. As such, all of our employees adhere by our client focused company philosophy.

  • We believe that your customers are your most valuable asset.
  • We believe that your customers’ happiness requires that you provide them with the right parts/products, made to your exacting standards and delivered on time.
  • We believe that your production machinery needs to be running accurately, reliably and in top condition in order to meet these objectives.
  • We believe that not just anyone can rebuild your machinery to its pre-loss (or better) condition.
  • We believe that rebuilt machinery should be backed by decades of machinery rebuilding experience.
  • We believe that rebuilding loss affected machinery properly requires significant experience in understanding the various impacts that can be associated with the loss event.
  • We believe that rebuilt machinery should use best practices, O.E.M. tolerances and top quality components.
  • We believe that rebuilt machinery should be backed by the confidence of a warranty.


We are unique in that our experience not only covers a large scope of industrial machine rebuilding and repair, but we also have significant repair and rebuilding experience as it relates to fire damaged or other loss affected machinery.

With that experience and knowledge, we are able to perform a complete and thorough inspection of the damaged machinery while keeping in mind the impact that the loss has created on the machinery and its components. When working with fire damaged, or other loss affected equipment, we of course will perform the level of disassembly and inspection that is required to satisfy those concerns.

The inspections will include various dimensional, dye penetrant and/or hardness testing as required. Once these items have been completed we take great pride in putting together a method of repair to rebuild the equipment to its original tolerances, while keeping the customer involved in every step of the process.


Many satisfied customers in all areas of industry.

Turnkey philosophy/capabilities.

We take great pride in the many and consistent referrals from Industry professionals including adjusters, insurance carriers, consulting firms and restoration professionals.

Insured/policy holders impressed with quality of our work and call on us for future projects after the insurance related projects have been completed.

Rebuilds to OEM tolerances and backed by the confidence of a warranty. Very substantial list of successful loss related rebuilding and repair projects.

On a recent rebuild of a brand new machine that caught fire while in transport to the original purchaser, the OEM’s representative conveyed to us that the functional testing of the machine, after our rebuilding work was completed, was better than when it left their factory.


Turnkey capabilities allow us to control not only the quality of the work but delivery as well.

Obsolete or long lead time items can be manufactured in house to reduce delivery times.

Longer days and the inclusion of weekends can shorten delivery on B.I. intensive losses.

Industries Served

Including but not limited to:

Aircraft | Appliance | Automotive | Chemical | Foundry | Governmental | Lumber | Paper | Plastic | Power Generation | Recycling | Rubber | Stamping | Steel and associated industries | Specialty and Other Industries